Our Team


Darrin Murriner, President

Darrin gets things going. He is decisive and is action oriented. He has done this well for Fortune 500’s and startups alike. He loves a good spreadsheet and thinks anything is possible. He has a good mix of strategic thought and execution but he really needs to be paired with a finisher to be his best.


Kirsten Moorefield, Operations

Kirsten is energized by strategy — give her an idea and she’ll brainstorm the best ways to achieve it. Her background is in managing marketing projects for companies from startups to Intel and GE. Most people think she’s extroverted, but secretly she’s an introvert — a very people-oriented introvert.


Ford Knowlton, Sales 

Ford is an idea driven guy that loves to connect people together to make change happen in the world. His idea for Cloverleaf came from years of working with diverse companies and seeing how heavily team chemistry and communication effected their happiness and success.


Levi Bethune, Marketing

Levi is a chronic extrovert whose experience and preferences find him equally comfortable on stage as he is behind a computer. He has created and delivered stories for hundreds of start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike over the past decade. His mindset of constant learning and applying has kept him alive.


OCEAN Accelerator Class III 


Pitch Contest Audience Winner


2017 Fellow 

Our Guiding Principles

Everyone Has Value

We believe that good business isn’t about whether you are valuable, but instead are you in the right position to be your best. How can you provide the greatest contribution to the organization and have the most fulfilling opportunity in the role that you are currently in.

The Whole Person Matters

You can’t check parts of your person at the door each work day. We are all complicated people with many interesting facets. You are employed because of your unique value and you should bring all of that to the task. You should be empowered to make all aspects of who you are part of your work and contribution to the organization. You are more than your resume, past employers, failures and successes and it’s time we found ways to contribute all of those things to the task at hand.

Interactions between each other is where the magic happens

You should be intentional about getting to know who you work with. But it is more than just knowing each other. Discovering how your skills can be taken to another level through your teammates is how we create exceptional value.

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